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October 26, 2012
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Legends Of Ramaria - Riukada And Shirai by SilverRacoon Legends Of Ramaria - Riukada And Shirai by SilverRacoon

Wow, It was AGES since I drew these two last time!

Last time I drew Riukada was in 2011, and Shirai wayyy back in 2009!
(Both of them has got a nice little upgrade too on their clothes ~ <3 )

I thought it was time to give them proper references since Yureka ( [link] ) got one erlier.

Riukada, Shirai and Yureka is the main characters in my OLD Comic 'Ramaria' (from 2007), who I later changed the name into 'Legends Of Ramaria'.

Name : Riukada Zerin
Age : 21
Gender : Male
Race: Human / ? (HalfFolk - half human and 'magical' race)
Job/Status : Royal Bodyguard, mage.
Bio :

At the age of 12, Riukada was rescued by king Belineus and Razek from the burning ruins of his home village that had been raided and destroyed by demons.
Strangely enough Riukada seem to be the only survivor of the incident.
He was taken to the castle and later on got to serve as the little princess Yureka's (age of 8 ) playmate - and later on, bodyguard.

He follows Yureka on her journey to look for her father who disappeared mysteriously after the demon war.

He almost always wears a cloak that cover's his eyes, and if not - his long bangs does.
If someone usually asks he says that 'it's because the light hurts his eyes' or some similar story.

He does not often speak about his family, if he does it's often very vague.
What's known is that he lived with his mother, and his father is unknown.

He is a very skillful mage and at hand-to-hand combat, wich raises the question of his heritage once more since only a few other races are known to being able to use magic.

Other :
- He is often very calm and collected, and does really like to joke around at times. (especially with Shirai)

-There are more to her than meets the eye about him.

- He has a very big respect for the late king and Razek.

- He can't stand the smell of blood.

- He likes calm places, and can often be found resting under a tree or similar.

- He LOVES food, and there are few things he cannot eat.


Name : Shirai Morgrim
Age : 19
Gender : Male
Race: Human
Job/Status : Thief/ Demon-slayer (novice)
Bio :

He spent most of his childhood in a village were they trained demon-slayers, together with his family.
His older brother and himself were training to become slayers, but the village was destroyed and Shirai managed to escape with some wounds and was found by a gang of bandits who took him in.

He was raised as a thief after that, but kept studying what he remembered from his old home.

Later on he joins up with Yureka and Riukada in the search for the lost king.

Other :
- Shirai loves to flirt with women, but can be easily embarrassed when he really shows his feelings.

- He is very good at using and identifying different poisons or rare items. He loves to collect on really rare things.

- He can get very hot-headed and easily get into a fight, but soon calms down and get flustered instead.

- Because of his training he can easily know weaknesses of different demons (to some degree at least).

- He mostly fights with two dual blades (Ice-blades)


PuffyPenguin Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012
Ahaha, I recognise them! c: They're so badass-ly cute, I really love their designs. <3
SilverRacoon Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank youu~~! <3
I am working on pictures of other characters from the Ramaria comic as well, like the king and stuff.

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